Salwater fishing can be an enjoyable experience and a challenging one. It is full of surprises, rewards and endless adventures.

What fish can I find in saltwater?

The most common salwater fish you can catch are salmon, smeltshadstriped bass, and sturgeon.

Saltwater fishing

Understanding Tidal Currents
Understanding tidal currents and how they affect the areas you fish is critical, because the movement of water does not always precisely follow high and low tides. In many spots, especially inlets and channel entrances, the tidal current may lag the actual tide by an hour or more. In areas like this, fish often respond more to the direction and speed of water movement than to the actual height of the tide. But in open water the height of the tide can be most important.

25 Tips for Saltwater Fishing Make sure your tackle and your techniques are ready for tough saltwater fish.